The Liberty Rotary Club decided to switch gears for an evening and indulge in the culinary delights prepared by The Catskill Hospitality Institute at SUNY Sullivan. Led by Master Chef Fay, the talented students showcased their skills with exquisite appetizers, a sumptuous main course, and an array of desserts that were both delectable and visually stunning.
Also, part of our evening was our guest speaker Courtney Mish, the Development Manager for the ALS Therapy Development Institute.  Courtney spoke of the impact ALS has on so many and the current lack of significant treatments or a cure.  She further explained how her organization has a team of dedicated scientists working day and night to beat this dreaded neurological disease. 
We want to extend our sincere gratitude to The Catskill Hospitality Institute at SUNY Sullivan and to Courtney for making our evening with the Liberty Rotary Club so unforgettable and meaningful. The cuisine surpassed our expectations, and the students showcased remarkable talent and professionalism. Courtney's dedication to battling ALS was truly inspiring.  Additionally, our members thoroughly enjoyed the chance to bond over a fantastic meal and each other's company.